Mario Bros Late Night

Mario Bros Late Night 2.0

Help Mario snatch his friends back from the Kermits
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Mario City 2010

Mario is woken up in the middle of the night and he's not in the pleasant company. Find out what the monsters want and embark in an adventure to save Toad and his friends from the evil Kermits.

The story of Mario Bros Late Night begins with our beloved character Mario Bros sleeping on his bed. Suddenly the alarm clock rings at 3 am and after waking up it's time for Mario to face the monsters awaiting for him.

When Mario goes out of his home he'll find a Red Kremit outside which will tell him an unfortunate news, he's there by superior orders to kill Mario, nothing personal. But of course, after hearing such news you can choose to fight back! And as usual all Kremits, Koopa Troopas or other little foes are killed by jumping and landing on their heads - Use the shift key to jump.

On the next level you'll find now two Red Kremits surrounding Yoshi; kill them and Yoshi will thank you for saving him. The actual game begins on level three, where a lot of obstacles will be shown and you'll finally have a good challenge. Only three lives are given and all the Red Kremits on your way will make it very difficult to survive. Sometimes you'll need to save one of your friends (such as Toad) in order to advance, therefore if you see any of your fellows being held by Kremits don't think twice to offer your help - your reward could be more lives, keys to open gates, and more.

The game is very simple, with non-detailed graphics, its music is identical to the original Mario game and the controls are very easy to use. A good game to play when you don't have anything to do; it doesn't really impose any challenge.

Abigail Diaz
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  • Entertaining small game
  • New story, simple but new
  • It's free


  • No options menu available
  • Replicated music from other game
  • Way too simple graphics
  • Jumping with shift key complicates the game because that key is related to "Sticky Keys" of Microsoft Windows
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